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Advantages of Human Rights to Individuals

Privileges that are accorded to every individual from birth till death is known as human rights. You will be protected from abuse from powerful people through human rights. Human rights also guarantee people to their basic needs, such as food and housing. Their exist many organizations whose role is to protect the human rights of individuals that are oppressed. Protecting human rights ensures every individual is treated equally and fairly. With human rights, you will be protected from any form of abuse and isolation. Knowing your human rights has many benefits despite your basic rights.

The main purpose of human rights is to ensure your basic needs are met. Every individual is entitled to basic rights like food, clothing, education, and shelter. Since many individuals are deprived of their basic rights, and thus organizations come in to protect the rights of deprived ones. Since basic education is important human rights ensure it is protected for every child. However, in areas where poverty is crucial human rights organizations provide supplies to ensure the children are not denied the right to education. Through human rights, you will be well aware of what your privileges are to avoid being deprived.

Human rights also allow protecting vulnerable groups from abuse. Therefore, with human rights, you will be protected from any inhuman treatment. Human rights activists, therefore, seek to protect the privileges of the oppressed people rather than ignoring them.

Human rights guarantees you the Freedom and expression of speech. Since human rights offer you the Freedom of speech, you can be able to express yourself without any fear or condemnation. You are free to exercise your human right given Freedom of speech regardless of the people that may not agree with you. You can express your Freedom of speech to stand up for any form of oppression or corruption from the government. Human rights concept, therefore, seeks to empower and enlighten people of their dignity from the environment. Human rights empowers you with Freedom of speech and expression to be able to stand up and fight when oppressed. Freedom of speech and expression allows you to speak freely without any form of discrimination whatsoever from anyone o individual.

To conclude, human rights encourage equal work opportunities. However, workplaces can be biased, and hence human rights come in handy to encourage equality of every worker. With human rights concept you will be aware that all workers in a workplace are equal and hence there should be no discrimination.

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